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  • Marking PROXIMA B-2 printer
Marking PROXIMA B-2 printer
  • Marking PROXIMA B-2 printer

Marking PROXIMA B-2 printer

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

    In PRIMUM printers of a series "B" spirit or ketone ink for drawing marking on various surfaces, including glossy, porous and rough materials of non-standard forms such as cables, pipes, insulating accessories, the fur or pressed stuffings, and also function of automatic washing of a nozzle element, trap and vacuum contour is used.


    The main difference of this model from the analog PRIMUM B-1 is existence of two independent printing heads which work from two independent photosensors.

 This model of the printer includes the following functions:

- heating of the printing head;

- control of temperature blackened in working capacity;

- algorithm of maintenance of a constant of viscosity of ink;

- European complete set of the main executive knots of a hydraulic system (Germany, Italy, Switzerland).

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 15.02.2018

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